# How does the TNT method compare with others? 
There are 4 things hotels can consider when re-doing  bathtubs: Restoration, Painting ("re-enameling"), Liners or Replacement.
TNT Restoration is simply deep cleaning the original tub and shower-pan, inside and out and bringing it back to a pristine 
condition. No corrosive, harmful, or toxic chemicals are used. All unsightly marks are removed, the entire tub is polished and 
re-caulked, the non-slip re-established and all in under 30 minutes and the room is ready for rent.
(CAUTION: There are several tub restoration companies using our process, that charge unreasonably high prices and clients fall victim to this practice constantly. 
Contact TNT last - and after our free sample, compare not only the high quality of our work, but our unbeatable rates and SEE the difference​​​​)
Painting,  "re-enameling" or "re-glazing" is about 3 times the cost of  restoring and can take from 24 to 72 hours to dry. 
The strong paint smell and revenue loss are added concerns for many hotels and paint will always chip and peel before long. 
Most companies that paint tubs also acid-wash or grind the tub surface prior to painting to help the paint adhere. This will 
permanently destroy the original surface and shine of the tub.
Liners are approximately 4 times the cost of painting and 10 times the cost of restoration. The liners look great when new, 
but 1 cigarette burn, deep scratch or hair color stain will change that. Rooms are normally out of commission for 24 hours with 
this method.
Replacement is very costly, very labor intensive and very time consuming. It is about 20 times the cost of restoration. It will
require wall and floor re-tiling, plumbing and of course the new tub installation. This can take several days to complete and 
will amount to a large loss in rental revenue.
​# What sort of cost is involved with the TNT process?​
Once a free sample has been carried out at your hotel, the rate is customized 
according to various factors unique to the specific property such as the number 
of tubs involved, payment terms, multiple property project, location etc. 
Our rates for restoration will always be substantially lower than the cost of the 
alternatives AND others using our process.
# What sort of savings can we expect?​
Typical savings will range from $50.00 per tub to $150,00 per tub if you compare 
our rates with others who restore tubs using our process. However, if you compare 
our process to any other as listed above (painting, liner or replacement), the savings 
will range from $100.00 per tub to $600.00 per tub or more and this is before 
including the 2 to 3 days of lost revenue from out of order rooms. 
# Does the TNT process take out all those dark marks on the bottom?
YES...after continued use, the factory etched slip-resistant pattern on the bottom of 
each tub becomes discolored with soap and body-oil buildup (as does the rest of the 
tub). This not only looks bad, but renders the slip-resistant ineffective. Our process 
removes all discoloration and buildup from the entire bathtub, not just the bottoms 
and we do this without using acids or bleaches that destroy the porcelain surface. 
# Does TNT re-establish the slip-resistant surface? 
Yes. Included in our process and at no extra charge, is the enhancement of the critical 
slip-resistant surface. We apply a chemical agent once the tub has been cleaned, which
improves the factory installed etch pattern with a higher co-efficient of friction (anti-slip) 
by up to 700%, creating a safer and cleaner tub for guests.​ 
How long will each room be down?
Because we are able to restore the tubs in about 30 minutes, all the rooms are rentable the same day, which means no revenue loss. 
How many rooms can be restored per day?
We are able to restore between 25 and 40 rooms per day.
# How long will the new look last?
Once the tubs are restored, there is nothing on the original surface that can discolor, peel, chip or burn. As long as housekeeping are diligent in 
the regular cleaning of the tubs and use the correct and recommended cleaning agents, the new tub look will last indefinitely. 
​# Do the rooms have to be re-cleaned once you're finished?
No. Our staff are trained to leave the rooms as clean as they found them.
# Our hotel is busy most of the time, do we have to wait until our slow season? 
No. We can work around your occupancy without disrupting guests or staff.
# Can you restore tubs in occupied rooms?
Yes, we often do. Because our process is quick and non-invasive, we have often even had the guests in the room while we are busy in the bathroom. 
Guests actually appreciate the live "before and after" show.

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